Scratch Tutorials

While we wait to see if our grant was accepted, let’s continue our coding basics with Scratch.  I found these neat tutorials at so choose one you’re interested in and see how you can improve your games.

Ps. I have a banana challenge for you… The next time I see that banana meme (Ahhh!), it should be integrated with your OWN ORIGINAL CODE!  This way when I have the “I’m a Banana” song stuck in my head once again, it’ll be worth it because I’ll know my students are learning.
Pps.  Extra bonus respect for making your own “I’m a Banana” soundtrack in GarageBand.



Community Grant & Robotics Team

Lego Details (Thanks for the idea, Mrs. Schultz!):

Southampton Town Youth Bureau (Thanks for the idea, Dr. Masera!):

  1. Go shopping:
  2. Add to Grant Budget:


The Code Club Science Fair Project

Code Club asks, “How does robot brand affect navigation of maze angles?”

  • Independent Variable:  Robot Brand (Cosmo, Dash, & Sprk+)
  • Dependent Variable:  Ability to navigate maze angles
  • Control Variables:  Maze, Coded Directions

Hypothesis: Sprk+ will be able to navigate the maze angles best because of its ball-shaped engineering design.  The Dash and Cosmo have wider wheel placement that will make turning harder.


  • Different robots (Cosmo, Dash, Sprk+)
  • Masking tape
  • Protractor
  • Ruler


  1. Build maze in library with the masking tape, protractor, and ruler.
  2. Code robots to navigate maze.
  3. Test each robot’s ability to navigate the angles.
  4. Record results.

Stay tuned for the results & conclusion…


What are we doing next?

With everyone finished with the accelerated course (Congrats!!), what would we like to do next?  Here are some options…

In the News… Coding: With power comes responsibility!

As you finish with your course, you may want to learn how to code websites in HTML & CSS  (or another coding language) on  Remember:  With the ability to create a website from scratch, comes responsibility.

There was an interesting article this morning about the increasing number of purposefully fake news stories popping up on social media.  What are the responsibilities of the news creators?  Do the readers have a responsibility too?  In this election year as well as the future, how might fake news have an impact on our society?

BBC Trending. “The Rise and Rise of Fake News.” BBC News, 5 Nov 2016, Accessed 6 Nov 2016.

Ps.  Notice the MLA citation?? I’m remembering our awesome plagiarism and ethics conversation in library class!